Hybrid Team Building Activities Bring Everyone Together

If you're looking for team building for hybrid teams, you're in the right place. Whether it's some friendly competition, group problem-solving or a creative gathering, Ryptic has engaging hybrid team building activities that seamlessly unite in-person and remote employees. What's the most repeated word in thousands of Ryptic reviews? Fun.


Hybrid Team Building Events: In-Person & WFH  Team Building

As the number of people working remotely is increasing, so is the need for work from home team building. But what about employees that come into the office? Fortunately, there's an effective way to connect these two groups with hybrid team building events from Ryptic.
Our hybrid team building activities include games and classes for groups as small as four to as large as 500. Like many of our attendees, you may be surprised at how well team building for hybrid teams can bond people virtually!

Hybrid Team Building Events Employees Actually Enjoy

Virtual Team Building Office Olympics

Past participation in uncomfortable or boring team building has led many people to dread team building activities. Add in awkward virtual interruptions and people who may have never met in person, and it's easy for planners and participants to fear a forced or stressful hybrid team building environment.
At Ryptic, our hybrid team building activities are led by a talented team of hosts skilled at matching the group energy and engaging all members with humor, inclusivity and enthusiasm.
These experts keep hybrid team building events moving, eliminating the awkwardness of downtime, and flexibly respond to the group's needs – whether that means switching gears for late arrivals and early departures or making introverted team members feel relaxed rather than pressured.

Hybrid & WFH Team Building Activities: The Line-Up

Team Virtual Events: Paint Night

Hybrid team building games like Virtual Trivia Night and Virtual Scavenger Hunt strike the right balance of competition and fun, while Virtual Paint Night and Virtual Magic Show classes give team members a chance to build relationships while taking part in hands-on activities. With over 2,000 rave reviews, our most popular hybrid team building event is Online Office Olympics. People love our funny, knowledgeable and informative hosts, varied content that suits different personalities and quick pace.

Other hybrid team building activities include:

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Escape Room Virtual Team Building Event

If you are looking for work from home team building activities or hybrid team building ideas that won't make anyone want to call in sick, contact us today. Boost morale and camaraderie with a hybrid team building event and give employees an opportunity to interact with each other over something besides work, regardless of location. If you have questions about virtual team building, feel free to reach out. Happy teams are productive teams.

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