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We create wholesome, fun, and effective virtual team building games and activities your team will LOVE! As the number of remote and hybrid employees worldwide continues to grow, teams need to focus on fun and exciting ways to deepen bonds and improve communication. Choose from our selection of highly curated virtual team building activities, such as Online Office Olympics or Virtual Paint Night, that are enjoyable for everyone and build relationships, develop trust, and improve company culture. Contact us at Ryptic and request a quote today.

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Top Ryptic Team Building Activities

Here at Ryptic, we have lots of virtual online team building games and events perfect for making any remote or hybrid team feel tight-knit and close. Here are some of our favorite virtual team events for fun days, enjoyable conversations and team building opportunities.

Virtual Team Building Office Olympics

Online Office Olympics

Take team building up a notch with the Online Office Olympics, where camaraderie meets healthy competition. Over 90 minutes, your team will speed through rapid-fire virtual challenges that will keep them on their toes (and smiling) in a quest for the ultimate prize – bragging rights.

Team Virtual Events: Paint Night

Virtual Paint Night

This team building virtual event is art made easy! We send everything your team needs to paint along with our talented art instructors. Each group is expertly guided through one of more than 50 paintings to choose from. It's so simple that anyone can follow along and create something they’ll be proud to hang on the wall.

Available in the US and Canada.

 Virtual Happy Hour Trivia Night

Virtual Trivia Night

We've mastered the technology that brings teams together with our Virtual Trivia Night. If you're looking for engaging trivia questions and an extra helping of fun, this is the virtual team event for you. Our experienced Trivia Masters ensure the event runs smoothly while entertaining competitors with unpredictable – and just challenging enough – questions. With a wide variety of themes to choose from, there's something for everyone!

Murder Mystery Online Team Building Game

Sherlock Holmes: Virtual Murder Mystery

There's been a terrible crime in 19th century London Scotland Yard is stumped; Sherlock Holmes can't be found in this virtual team event, so it looks like it's all up to you! This 'choose your own adventure' online team building game puts you in charge of the investigation. With some super sleuths on your team, you just might be able to unmask the true culprit.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

You and your team are the best of the best – well, the best we could find in the middle of a workday. Get the most out of virtual team building with a virtual scavenger hunt. Just bring your specialty for being ready for any situation, sit back and enjoy the fun. 

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Virtual Escape Room: Mad Hatter Live

Lost in Wonderland, you accept the Mad Hatter's tea party invitation. Little did you know, these parties never end and you might end up as mad as the hatter himself! To escape Wonderland, your team will need to solve riddles from each of the 4 realms. You’ll have to think fast to get away!

Escape Room Virtual Team Building Event
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Virtual Team Building Trivia Night
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