Eco-Trivia: 60 Questions to Foster Teamwork and Environmental Awareness

June 23, 2023
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Imagine injecting your team building activities with a dose of environmental savvy, sparking both laughter and deep discussions about our planet. This article provides a thrilling blend of camaraderie-boosting questions and earth-loving knowledge that's as engaging as it is educational.

Get ready to dive into a treasure trove of trivia, from conservation conundrums to national park riddles. Watch as collaboration soars and eco-awareness blossoms in your team. So buckle up for 60 eco-friendly trivia questions that will test your team’s knowledge of our planet, and take you down an exciting journey to building stronger bonds and a greener world.

Earth Day and Conservation

Trivia Question # 1: Unplugging your printer when not in use has the potential to save you approximately how much money annually? (Answer: $130)

Trivia Question # 2: In October 2017, IKEA announced a recycling program for what product? (Answer: Mattresses)

Trivia Question # 3: What date is recognized as Earth Day in the United States? (Answer: April 22nd)

Trivia Question # 4: What is the name of the other nature-centric holiday in April? (Answer: Arbor Day)

Trivia Question # 5: Who is credited with creating Earth Day? (Answer: Gaylord Nelson)

Trivia Question # 6: What year was the first Earth Day? (Answer: 1970)

Trivia Question # 7: So far, how many countries have celebrated Earth Day? (Answer: 192)

Trivia Question # 8: What does the United Nations call Earth Day? (Answer: International Mother Earth Day)

Trivia Question # 9: Who took a zero-carbon journey from Europe to the United States to raise awareness for climate change? (Answer: Greta Thurnberg)

Trivia Question # 10: In Panama, 100 endangered species of what flower were planted for Earth Day? (Answer: Orchids)

Trivia Question # 11: What US river caught fire in 1969 due to all the pollution and waste in it? (Answer: Cuyahoga River)

Trivia Question # 12: In which Japanese city was a 1997 treaty signed related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions? (Answer: Kyoto)

Trivia Question # 13: What year was the WWF - an organization dedicated to conservation - established? (Answer: 1961)

Trivia Question # 14: What two materials can be recycled indefinitely? (Answer: Glass and aluminum)

Woman holding orchid flowers in Panama
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National Parks

Trivia Question # 15: Which National Park is sometimes called the “salamander capital of the world?” (Answer: Great Smoky Mountain National Park)

Trivia Question # 16: Which two National Parks are just ten miles away from each other? (Answer: Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park)

Trivia Question # 17: How many National Parks are in Alaska? (Answer: 8)

Trivia Question # 18: Which National Park has an elevation of just 6 feet above sea level? (Answer: Everglades)

Trivia Question # 19: Which US National Park is a regular cruise ship destination? (Answer: Glacier Bay)

Trivia Question # 20: Bryce Canyon National Park is famous for what unusual rock formation? (Answer: Hoodoos)

Trivia Question # 21: How many National Parks are there in the US? (Answer: 62)

Trivia Question # 22: Which was the first National Park established in order to protect man-made structures? (Answer: Mesa Verde National Park)

Trivia Question # 23: In which National Park can you find arches made of rock? (Answer: Arches National Park)

Trivia Question # 24: Where is the deepest cave in the US? (Answer: Carlsbad Canyons National Park)

Trivia Question # 25: What National Park is named after a prickly type of tree that is found there? (Answer: Joshua Tree National Park)

Trivia Question # 26: What is the record high temperature recorded in Death Valley National Park? (Answer: 134 degrees)

Trivia Question # 27: How many mature Sequoia trees are located in Yosemite National Park’s Mariposa grove? (Answer: 500)

Trivia Question # 28: How many venomous snake species live in Everglades National Park? (Answer: 4)

Trivia Question # 29: Which National Park is the snowiest? (Answer: Mt. Rainier National Park)

Trivia Question # 30: What animal was responsible for a human death in Olympic National Park in 2010? (Answer: Mountain Goat)

Trivia Question # 31: What National Park is home to the deepest lake in the US? (Answer: Crater Lake National Park)

Trivia Question # 32: What National Park was added in 2013? (Answer: Pinnacles National Park)

Trivia Question # 33: How many National Parks are there in the US? (Answer: 59)

Trivia Question # 34: Who was the only US president to work as a National Park ranger? (Answer: Gerald Ford)

Trivia Question # 35: What National Park contains the highest peak in North America? (Answer: Denali)

Trivia Question # 36: The largest volcano on Earth - located in Volcanoes National Park - is called what? (Answer: Mauna Loa Volcano)

Trivia Question # 37: What is the smallest National Park? (Answer: Hot Springs National Park)

Trivia Question # 38: Which National Park was formed by the Colorado River? (Answer: The Grand Canyon)

Trivia Question # 39: What was the first National Park in the United States? (Answer: Yellowstone)

Trivia Question # 40: What National Park is home to the longest cave system in the world? (Answer: Mammoth Cave National Park)

Trivia Question # 41: What state contains the most National Parks in the US? (Answer: California)

Trivia Question # 42: How many active glaciers are there in Glacier National Park? (Answer: 25)

Trivia Question # 43: What National Park is the most visited? (Answer: The Great Smoky Mountains)

Tourists at volcanic national park


Trivia Question # 44: How many states does the Appalachian Trail pass through? (Answer: 14)

Trivia Question # 45: Where is the world’s largest mountain range located? (Answer: Under the ocean)

Trivia Question # 46: What place on Earth has the highest annual recorded rainfall? (Answer: Mawsynram, India)

Trivia Question # 47: What vitamin do you get by going in the sun? (Answer: Vitamin D)

Trivia Question # 48: What material can take up to 1 million years to decompose? (Answer: Glass)

Trivia Question # 49: What percent of wildlife is aquatic? (Answer: 94%)

Trivia Question # 50: What is the largest animal to have ever lived on Earth? (Answer: The blue whale)

Trivia Question # 51: Bees pollinating flowers is an example of what biological process? (Answer: Symbiosis)

Trivia Question # 52: In the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice is in what month? (Answer: June)

Trivia Question # 53: Approximately how old is the Earth? (Answer: 4.5 billion years)

Trivia Question # 54: What percentage of water on the Earth is freshwater? (Answer: Approximately 3%)

Trivia Question # 55: Which bestselling book warned readers of the effects of pesticides? (Answer: Silent Spring)

Trivia Question # 56: What region produces 20% of the world’s oxygen? (Answer: The Amazon Rainforest)

 Trivia Question # 57: Approximately how many trees are saved by recycling one ton of paper? (Answer: 17)

Trivia Question # 58: How many National Forests are there in the United States? (Answer: 154)

Trivia Question # 59: What Fortune 500 company was the top solar panel user in 2016? (Answer: Target)

Trivia Question # 60: In order to avoid losing water to evaporation, what is the best time to water your lawn? (Answer: Early morning)

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We hope you enjoyed these trivia questions and found this eco-adventure as invigorating and informative as we did crafting it. Through the fusion of team building and environmental awareness, we trust that your team will not only become stronger and more unified but also more aware of their role in preserving our planet. If you are looking for more ways to go head-to-head with your team, try checking out our 48 Geography Questions To Challenge Your Coworkers Know-How or 35 Vacation Trivia Questions for the Office.

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