40 Fun Summer Trivia Questions to Keep Your Workplace Entertained

July 19, 2022
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In the summertime, things can get a little slow in the workplace. That's why we've put together this list of 40 fun trivia questions to keep your coworkers entertained! These questions will test your knowledge of summertime general knowledge trivia, from food and beaches to travel and random facts. So grab a friend and see who can answer the most questions correctly!

General Summer Trivia Questions:

We all know how much everybody loves the summer, but try these fun trivia questions for coworkers on interesting facts about this favorite time of year.

Trivia question # 1: What does SPF stand for? (Answer: Sun Protection Factor)

Trivia question # 2: Which US state has the average hottest temperature? (Answer: Florida)

Trivia question # 3: On what one of two dates does the Summer Solstice occur? (Answer: June 20 or 21)

Trivia question # 4: What three Zodiac signs occur during the Summer? (Answer: Cancer, Leo, and Virgo)

Trivia question # 5: What is the birthstone for July? (Answer: Ruby)

Trivia question # 6: In which country was the record for hottest temperature ever recorded set? (Answer: The United States - Death Valley, CA)

Trivia question # 7: In what year were the first modern Summer Olympic games held? (Answer: 1896)

Trivia question # 8: How old is the oldest mosquito fossil? (Answer: 79 million years old)

Trivia question # 9: In what country did fireworks originate? (Answer: China)

Trivia question # 10: In what year did the Fourth of July become a holiday in the United States? (Answer: 1870)

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Summer Food Trivia Questions:

Trivia question # 11: How long does a watermelon take to grow? (Answer: Approximately 90 days)

Trivia question # 12: How many calories are in a cup of watermelon? (Answer: 40)

Trivia question # 13: What is the most commonly purchased BBQ meat in the US? (Answer: Hot Dogs)

Trivia question # 14: How many popsicles are sold annually? (Answer: Approximately two billion)

Trivia question # 15: What month is National Ice Cream Month in the United States? (Answer: July)

Trivia question # 16: What popular drink was originally invented as an ice cream topping? (Answer: Hawaiian Punch)

Trivia question # 17: What percentage of watermelons are water? (Answer: 92%)

Trivia question # 18: What is the most grown crop in the United States? (Answer: Corn)

Trivia question # 19: What is the world record for most marshmallows eaten in one minute? (Answer: 25)

Trivia question # 20: What is the word for the scientific study of berries, such as blackberries and raspberries? (Answer: Batology)

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Beach Trivia Questions:

Trivia question # 21: What country has the most coastline in the world? (Answer: Canada)

Trivia question # 22: When you’re standing on the beach looking at the horizon, approximately how far can you see? (Answer: Three miles)

Trivia question # 23: Where was the first public beach in the United States? (Answer: Revere Beach in Massachusetts)

Trivia question # 24: How many beaches are there in Australia? (Answer: Over 10,000)

Trivia question # 25: How long do seagulls live? (Answer: 10-15 years in the wild)

Trivia question # 26: In what US state was the beach ball invented? (Answer: California)

Trivia question # 27: Which actress has broken her nose four times while surfing? (Answer: Cameron Diaz)

Trivia question # 28: In what year did the first official surf contest take place? (Answer: 1928)

Trivia question # 29: How tall is the Guinness world record-holding tallest sand castle? (Answer: 45ft 10.25 in)

Trivia question # 30: What is the largest species of shark? (Answer: Whale Shark)

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Summer Travel Trivia Questions

Trivia question # 31: What is the average temperature outside an airplane in flight? (Answer: -60 degrees Fahrenheit)

Trivia question # 32: What country holds the biggest waterpark in the world? (Answer: Germany, Tropical Island Resort)

Trivia question # 33: What is the most visited tourist attraction in the world? (Answer: Times Square)

Trivia question # 34: What is the largest museum in the world? (Answer: The Louvre in Paris)

Trivia question # 35: What is the longest nonstop commercial flight in the world? (Answer: Singapore (SIN) to New York (JFK))

Trivia question # 36: What is the largest city in the world? (Answer: Tokyo)

Trivia question # 37: How many time zones are there in the United States? (Answer: Six)

Trivia question # 38: In what year did Disneyworld open? (Answer: 1971)

Trivia question # 39: What is the most visited National Park in the United States? (Answer: The Grand Canyon)

Trivia question # 40: What is the most popular week for travel in the United States? (Answer: Second week of July)

If you’re looking to plan a Summer trivia event for your team, these questions should help you get started! But if you just want to have a fun trivia night that makes your workplace fun with little effort, then check out our Virtual Trivia Night, where we run the whole event for you. Contact Ryptic Team Building to learn more.

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