35 Vacation Trivia Questions for the Office

January 7, 2023
Woman on vacation enjoying the beach

If you and your team have been hard at work for a while, you’re all probably ready to escape away on a beautiful holiday. If that’s not possible right now then we have the next best thing, daydream about your favorite vacation destinations with some vacation trivia. Challenge your team to some fun vacation trivia questions and help get everyone in a relaxed holiday frame of mind. Everyone will enjoy learning about planes, cruise ships, and some of the world’s coolest travel destinations.  So pack your imaginary bags, and dive into these 35 vacation trivia questions!

Vacation Destinations:

Trivia Question # 1: What is the most visited tourist destination in the world? (Answer: Times Square)

Trivia Question # 2: What is the most photographed landmark in Australia? (Answer: The Sydney Opera House)

Trivia Question # 3: What is the scientific name for the Northern Lights? (Answer: Aurora Borealis)

Trivia Question # 4: What was Ho Chi Minh City previously called? (Answer: Saigon)

Trivia Question # 5: Which Walt Disney World park in Florida has the World Showcase? (Answer: Epcot)

Trivia Question # 6: What is the nickname for the clock at the end of the Palace of Westminster? (Answer: Big Ben)

Trivia Question # 7: Which Central South American country is home to the largest Salt Flats in the world? (Answer: Bolivia)

Trivia Question # 8: Which city is referred to as “the windy city?” (Answer: Chicago)

Trivia Question # 9: What was the original purpose of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? (Answer: Bell tower)

Trivia Question # 10: What is the largest museum in the world? (Answer: The Louvre in Paris)

Trivia Question # 11: What is the name of the famous Indian Mausoleum built by emperor Shah Jajan? (Answer: The Taj Mahal)

Trivia Question # 12: What is the name of the tiny island that holds the Statue of Liberty? (Answer: Liberty Island)

Trivia Question # 13: What is the name of the current tallest building in the world? (Answer: Burj Khalifa)

Trivia Question # 14: In which South African city can you find Boulders Beach, which is inhabited by a large number of wild penguins? (Answer: Cape Town)

Trivia Question # 15: What is the smallest independent nation in the world? (Answer: Vatican City)

Trivia Question # 16: What is the capital of New Zealand? (Answer: Wellington)

Trivia Question # 17: Which South American city is home to Sugarloaf Mountain? (Answer: Rio de Janeiro)

Trivia Question # 18: What did the city of Leningrad become known as in 1991? (Answer: St Petersburg)

Trivia Question # 19: What is the currency of Thailand called? (Answer: Bhat)

Trivia Question # 20: Which National Park contains the largest salt flat in the US? (Answer: Death Valley)

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Methods of Travel:

Trivia Question # 21: What color is the black box in an airplane? (Answer: Bright orange)

Trivia Question # 22: What is the average humidity during a flight? (Answer: 20%)

Trivia Question # 23: What is the dirtiest part of a plane? (Answer: The tray table)

Trivia Question # 24: Approximately how much does the world’s largest airplane weigh? (Answer: 600 tons)

Trivia Question # 25: How much did American Airlines save in a year when they removed a single olive from the in-flight meal? (Answer: $40,000)

Trivia Question # 26: Is airplane travel the safest way to get around? (Answer: Yes)

Trivia Question # 27: What percent of Americans suffer from aviophobia, a fear of flying? (Answer: 6.5%)

Trivia Question # 28: Which American actress suffers from aviophobia? (Answer: Sandra Bullock)

Trivia Question # 29: What commercial plane traveled at twice the speed of sound? (Answer: The Concorde)

Trivia Question # 30: How much does the average cruise ship sail each year? (Answer: the equivalent of three times around the world)

Trivia Question # 31: What is the average speed of a cruise ship (Answer: 20 knots)

Trivia Question # 32: Where do a cruise ship’s crew members sleep? (Answer: the bottom level)

Trivia Question # 33: From which state do the highest number of cruise ships depart? (Answer: Florida)

Trivia Question # 34: How many ice cream cones does a large cruise ship go through a week? (Answer: 20,000)

Trivia Question # 35: What percent of Americans have taken a cruise Holiday? (Answer: 24%)

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