48 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Team Building

November 11, 2022
Family outdoors during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and food. It's also a time for giving thanks and coming together with your work team to celebrate everything you've done together and achieved. What better way to do that than by playing some fun Thanksgiving trivia games?

These 48 questions will test your knowledge of all things Thanksgiving. They're perfect for team building whether working remotely or in-person and bringing people together. So gather your team or friends and family around the table, and see who can answer the most questions correctly!

Thanksgiving turkey in front of an old barn

Thanksgiving History

Trivia Question # 1: How long was the first Thanksgiving celebration? (Answer: Three days)

Trivia Question # 2: What city is home to the oldest Thanksgiving parade? (Answer: Philadelphia)

Trivia Question # 3: What traditional Thanksgiving food did the colonists and Native Americans not include at the first Thanksgiving?  (Answer: Turkey)

Trivia Question # 4: How many women were at the first Thanksgiving celebration? (Answer: Five)

Trivia Question # 5: What did President Calvin Coolidge receive as a Thanksgiving gift? (Answer: a live raccoon)

Trivia Question # 6: When was the first Thanksgiving Football game? (Answer: 1876)

Trivia Question # 7: In what year did Thanksgiving briefly switch to being celebrated on the third Thursday of November? (Answer: 1939)

Trivia Question # 8: Which founding father called the turkey ‘a bird of courage?’ (Answer: Benjamin Franklin)

Trivia Question # 9: Who was the first president to pardon a turkey? (Answer: John F. Kennedy)

Trivia Question # 10: What was the name of the Native American man who served as the interpreter between the early settlers and Native Americans? (Answer: Squanto)

Trivia Question # 11: In what month did the first Thanksgiving likely take place? (Answer: September)

Trivia Question # 12: Where was the first Thanksgiving in the U.S? (Answer: Plymouth, Massachusetts)

Trivia Question # 13: Which president made Thanksgiving an official National Holiday? (Answer: Abraham Lincoln)

Trivia Question # 14: What was missing from the first annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? (Answer: Balloons)

Trivia Question # 15: In what year did the first Thanksgiving take place? (Answer: 1621)

Thanksgiving turkey on table

Thanksgiving Food

Trivia Question # 16: How many calories does the average person consume on Thanksgiving?  (Answer: 4,500)

Trivia Question # 17: Approximately how many cranberries are in one pound? (Answer: 440)

Trivia Question # 18: Approximately how many pumpkin pies are consumed every Thanksgiving?  (Answer: Approximately 50 million)

Trivia Question # 19: Is pumpkin pie or apple pie more popular in America? (Answer: Apple Pie)

Trivia Question # 20: What state consumes the most turkey each year? (Answer: California)

Trivia Question # 21: How much does the average turkey weigh? (Answer: 15 pounds)

Trivia Question # 22: Approximately what percent of Americans skip turkey on Thanksgiving? (Answer: 12%)

Trivia Question # 23: In what year did canned cranberries first come about? (Answer: 1912)

Trivia Question # 24: Which state grows the most sweet potatoes? (Answer: North Carolina)

Trivia Question # 25: Which state grows the most cranberries? (Answer: Wisconsin)

Trivia Question # 26: Approximately what percent of Americans prefer Thanksgiving leftovers to Thanksgiving dinner itself? (Answer: 80%)

Trivia Question # 27: Statistically, what is America’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish? (Answer: stuffing)

Trivia Question # 28: In what country was pumpkin pie first made? (Answer: Mexico)

Trivia Question # 29: How many pounds was the largest turkey on record? (Answer: 86 pounds)

Trivia Question # 30: How do you know if cranberries are sweet enough for harvest? (Answer: you see if they bounce)

Pumpkins on a table

Thanksgiving Traditions

Trivia Question # 31: When was the first Turkey Trot? (Answer: 1896)

Trivia Question # 32: Black Friday is one Holiday that takes place the day after Thanksgiving.  What is the other? (Answer: Native American Heritage Day)

Trivia Question # 33: What movie had the biggest Thanksgiving release of all time?  (Answer: Frozen)

Trivia Question # 34: What profession has their busiest day of the year the day after Thanksgiving? (Answer: Plumbers)

Trivia Question # 35: What is the official title of the song popularly referred to as “Over the River and Through the Woods?” (Answer: The New England Boy’s Song about Thanksgiving Day)

Trivia Question # 36: How many people watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade annually? (Answer: approximately 50 million)

Trivia Question # 37: What household danger triples on Thanksgivings? (Answer: Housefire)

Trivia Question # 38: On what date is Canadian Thanksgiving celebrated? (Answer: the second Monday of October)

Trivia Question # 39: What is the wobbly red piece on top of the beak of a turkey called? (Answer: a snood)

Trivia Question # 40: What popular Christmas song was originally written for Thanksgiving? (Answer: Jingle Bells)

Trivia Question # 41: When was the first Thanksgiving NFL game? (Answer: 1920)

Trivia Question # 42: How many Americans did online shopping on Black Friday last year? (Answer: 88 million)

Trivia Question # 43: Where is the only place in Australia where Thanksgiving is celebrated? (Answer: Norfolk Island)

Trivia Question # 44: Which president made turkey pardoning an annual event? (Answer: George H.W. Bush)

Trivia Question # 45: How much did the world’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner cost? (Answer: $150,000)

Trivia Question # 46: What is the top US travel destination on Thanksgiving? (Answer: Orlando, Florida)

Trivia Question # 47: What year did Adam Sandler release “The Thanksgiving Song?” (Answer: 1992)

Trivia Question # 48: On average, how many Americans travel for Thanksgiving? (Answer: 50 million)

Family around table enjoying Thanksgiving

We hope you enjoyed these 48 Thanksgiving trivia questions!  Use these questions to host a Trivia Night for your team and see who knows the most about this wonderful holiday!

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