Origami Paper Art

Origami Paper Art is a delightful journey into the art of paper folding, specifically created for remote teams. Guided by a Ryptic origami instructor, this class teaches the intricate folds of origami in an educational and social atmosphere where team members get to connect and collaborate. Designed to accommodate all skill levels, each participant will receive all the art materials needed by mail, guaranteeing a team building experience that is stress-free and fun!

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Professional Live Host
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$80 per person (large group discounts available)


Up to 90 mins

Group size

10 - 250+ people


Virtual (Zoom, Google Meet, and more)


Origami kit + shipping included

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$ 848.00 USD

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About This Event

Forget about scrambling for supplies! Prior to the Origami Paper Art class, every participant will receive a care package delivery with an origami kit. This kit is thoughtfully assembled to include a variety of high-quality origami papers in different sizes and colors. Everything needed for this immersive paper-folding experience will be at your fingertips.

A Ryptic origami instructor will guide your team through the fascinating process of transforming flat sheets of paper into stunning three-dimensional art pieces, from delicate flowers to intricate animals. From the foundational folds to more intricate designs, our step-by-step approach is designed to ensure that everyone, regardless of skill level, can follow along and create something beautiful. This class is designed to be an interactive bonding experience, and so we’ll show you how to position your cameras so everyone can showcase their work and see the creations of their teammates.

Our Origami Paper Art class is a great way to boost team spirit and bring everyone closer. Doing origami together is not just fun, it is also relaxing and gets those creative juices flowing. It encourages collaboration, patience, and attention to detail, which can translate into improved teamwork and communication skills. Plus, the satisfaction of turning a simple piece of paper into a work of art provides a sense of accomplishment that can truly enhance morale. Whether your team members are beginners or origami enthusiasts, this class offers something for everyone, making it an ideal team building activity.

This event is available in the US and Canada. Please note that there is an additional $15 charge for each kit shipped to Canada.

*Origami Paper Art must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance

Itinerary for Origami Paper Art





Get to know your instructor and event details

10 Mins

Care package unboxing

Walk through the care package sent to all participants

5 Mins

Enjoy Origami

Guided instruction through Origami techniques and how to create beautiful art

70 Mins

Show and tell

Show off the origami models you create to the rest of your team, make sure your camera is on!

5 Mins


Can I see a demo of this event?

We would be thrilled to show you a demo! We believe in giving you a taste of the vibrant, engaging atmosphere we create before you decide. Our demos are private events that only include you and anyone you wish to invite. They last around 30 minutes and are led by one of our game hosts, providing an excellent opportunity for you to ask any questions.

To request a demo, simply reach out to us here and we’ll get that scheduled for you in no time.

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