23 Awesome Cinco de Mayo Office Party Ideas

March 27, 2023
Mexican flag

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect opportunity to bring your coworkers together for a vibrant and festive celebration and team building experience. By organizing a culturally rich and engaging office party, you will promote camaraderie, fun at work, and strengthen relationships amongst your team members.

Our carefully curated list of 23 awesome Cinco de Mayo office party ideas is designed to inspire you to create an unforgettable event that combines the best of Mexican culture with interactive and entertaining activities that promote team building.

From mouth-watering food stations to creative workshops and friendly competitions, these diverse and exciting activities cater to a range of interests and preferences, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone. As you plan your Cinco de Mayo office party, remember that the goal is not just to celebrate Mexican heritage and history, but to also foster team unity, collaboration, and create lasting memories for your coworkers. So, without further ado, let's dive into these fantastic ideas to help you plan the ultimate Cinco de Mayo team building extravaganza!

1. Taco Bar

Set up a DIY taco bar with various meats, vegetables, and toppings, allowing your coworkers to create their own delicious tacos. Provide soft and hard shell options, as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives to cater to all dietary preferences. Having an interactive food station encourages mingling and conversation among colleagues.

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2. Salsa and Guacamole Making Contest

Organize a salsa and guacamole making contest, where participants can show off their culinary skills and compete for the title of "Best Salsa" or "Best Guacamole." Provide ingredients and let everyone create their unique recipes. After judging, enjoy the delicious creations together as a team.

3. Mariachi Band Performance

Hire a local mariachi band to perform live music during the office party, creating an authentic and festive atmosphere. Encourage colleagues to sing along, dance, or even learn to play a simple tune on a traditional mariachi instrument. The live music will bring energy and excitement to the celebration.

Mariachi band

4. Piñata Party

Hang up a piñata filled with treats and small toys for a fun interactive activity. Provide a blindfold and take turns hitting the piñata until it breaks, releasing the surprises inside. This classic Mexican game will add a playful element to the festivities.

5. Mexican Hat Dance Competition

Organize a Mexican Hat Dance competition, where participants perform this traditional folk dance, also known as "Jarabe Tapatío". Offer a brief dance tutorial and let everyone show off their moves. Reward the best dancers with fun prizes or certificates.

6. Tequila Tasting

Host a tequila tasting session, featuring a variety of tequila brands and types. Provide a brief introduction to tequila history and production, as well as tips for proper tasting techniques. This activity adds an educational and enjoyable element to the celebration.

Tequila bottle with glass and lemons

7. Churro Station

Set up a churro station with freshly made churros and a variety of dipping sauces, such as chocolate, caramel, and fruit coulis. Offer both traditional and unique flavors to cater to diverse tastes. This sweet treat will be a hit among your colleagues.

8. Mexican Trivia

Organize a Mexican trivia game, covering topics such as history, culture, geography, and famous people. Divide your co-workers into teams and let them compete for fun prizes. This activity fosters teamwork and educates participants about Mexico and its diverse culture.

9. Nacho Bar

Create a nacho bar with a variety of chips, cheese, meats, and toppings, allowing guests to build their own delicious nacho creations. Provide a range of sauces and dips, ensuring options for all dietary preferences. Food stations promote mingling, conversation, and an opportunity to bond.

10. Papel Picado Workshop

Host a papel picado workshop, teaching your coworkers the art of making traditional Mexican paper cuttings. Provide templates, colorful paper, and cutting tools, and let everyone create their own beautiful designs. This hands-on activity fosters creativity and cultural appreciation.

11. Lotería Game

Play Lotería, a traditional Mexican game similar to Bingo, using cards with colorful illustrations instead of numbers. Provide game cards, markers, and a selection of small prizes for the winners. This activity encourages friendly competition and cultural immersion.


12. Mexican Cook-Off

Organize a Mexican cook-off, where participants prepare their favorite Mexican dishes and compete for the title of "Best Dish." Set up a judging panel and let everyone taste and vote on the entries. Enjoy the delicious food together while encouraging teamwork and culinary appreciation.

13. Margarita Bar

Set up a margarita bar with a variety of tequila, mixers, and garnishes, allowing guests to create their own customized margaritas. Offer classic lime margaritas, as well as unique flavor combinations to suit

14. Cactus Planting Activity

Provide small cacti or succulents, pots, and potting soil for a fun and eco-friendly activity. Let your coworkers plant their own cactus to take home as a reminder of the celebration. This activity promotes environmental awareness and adds a personalized touch to the festivities.

Cactus growing

15. Mexican-Themed Photo Booth

Set up a Mexican-themed photo booth with fun props like sombreros, maracas, and colorful backdrops. Encourage coworkers to snap pictures and share them on social media using a designated hashtag. This creates lasting memories and boosts team spirit.

16. DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Organize a workshop to teach your coworkers how to make beautiful tissue paper flowers. Provide colorful tissue paper, scissors, and instructions, allowing everyone to create their own festive decorations.

17. Mexican Folk Art Display

Showcase Mexican folk art, such as pottery, textiles, and paintings, in a designated area of the office. Include informational cards with descriptions of the art and their cultural significance. This will create a visually appealing aspect to the celebration, and offer an educational experience.

Lady weaving traditional Mexican art

18. Mexican Coffee Tasting

Host a Mexican coffee tasting, featuring a variety of coffee beans from different regions of Mexico. Provide information about each coffee's origin, flavor profile, and brewing methods. Coffee lovers will really enjoy this educational experience.

19. Frida Kahlo Inspired Art Activity

Organize a Frida Kahlo inspired art activity, where participants create self-portraits or colorful paintings in the style of the famous Mexican artist. Provide art supplies and examples of Kahlo's work for inspiration. This is a great way to appreciate Mexican art.

Portrait of Frida Kahlo

20. Taco Eating Contest

Challenge your coworkers to a friendly taco eating contest. Set a time limit and see who can eat the most tacos within the allotted time. Award the winner with a fun prize or certificate, adding a competitive and entertaining element to the party.

21. Mexican Dessert Tasting

Arrange a dessert table featuring a variety of traditional Mexican sweets, such as flan, tres leches cake, and Mexican wedding cookies. Provide information about the history and ingredients of each dessert. This activity allows coworkers to indulge their sweet tooth with delicious treats while learning more about Mexican cuisine.

22. Lucha Libre Wrestling Show

Hire a local Lucha Libre wrestling group to perform a thrilling and entertaining show during the office party. Encourage coworkers to cheer on their favorite wrestlers and immerse themselves in this unique aspect of Mexican culture. This is a unique live performance that will add lots of excitement and energy.

23. Mexican Karaoke

Set up a Mexican karaoke station, featuring a playlist of popular Mexican songs and traditional Mariachi tunes. Encourage coworkers to step up to the microphone and sing their hearts out, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere. Karaoke is a great team bonding experience and will build an appreciation for Mexican music.

Couple singing karaoke


A Cinco de Mayo office party is an excellent opportunity to promote team building and create a sense of unity amongst coworkers while celebrating Mexican culture and heritage. This list of 23 awesome Cinco de Mayo office party ideas offers a diverse range of activities that cater to different interests and preferences, ensuring a fun and inclusive experience for everyone.

By incorporating these entertaining and hands-on team building activities into your celebration, you can foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and togetherness that strengthens your team's bonds. So, whether you opt for a lively taco bar, a thrilling Lucha Libre wrestling show, or a creative Papel Picado workshop, remember the goal is to have fun, learn, and grow as a team. Cheers to a successful and memorable Cinco de Mayo office party!

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