33 Back to School Trivia Questions

September 14, 2022
Teacher and students smiling with back to school sign

As we move into the fall, you may be reminded of what it was like when you were in school, and early fall was dominated by the back-to-school season. Whether you miss the smell of new erasers and remember the feeling of going back to school or it's time to send your kids back to school so they can enjoy seeing their friends again, there's simply no denying how formative this season is in all of our experiences!

To help you get into the back-to-school spirit, we've put together a list of 33 trivia questions all about this time of year. So break out your pencils and paper and see how much you know about back to school!

Two students balancing books on their heads

33 Back to School Trivia Questions

Trivia Question # 1: What term describes the fear of going to school? (Answer: Didaskaleniophobia)

Trivia Question # 2: Each graphite pencil has enough graphite to draw a line how many miles long? (Answer: 35 miles)

Trivia Question # 3: How many teachers are there teaching in the US? (Answer: 8 million)

Trivia Question # 4: What is the most popular color of Crayola crayon? (Answer: Blue)

Trivia Question # 5: In what country are all students age six and up taught Chess as a part of their curriculum? (Answer: Armenia)

Trivia Question # 6: How much money does the average family spend on school supplies over a year? (Answer: $700)

Trivia Question # 7: In what year did yellow become the official color of American school buses?  (Answer: 1939)

Trivia Question # 8: How much back-to-school shopping is done online?  (Answer: Approximately 50%)

Trivia Question # 9: What country has the shortest average school day? (Answer: Finland)

Trivia Question # 10: Where is the United States’ oldest public school located? (Answer: Boston)

Trivia Question # 11: When were erasers added to pencils? (Answer: 1858)

Trivia Question # 12: What percent of a student’s body does the average backpack weigh?  (Answer: 20%)

Trivia Question # 13: How many pounds does the largest crayon in the world weigh? (Answer: 1,500 lbs)

Trivia Question # 14: In what decade did High School start being attended by the majority of teenagers in the United States? (Answer: 1930s)

Trivia Question # 15: What was the average SAT score in 2019? (Answer: 1050)

Trivia Question # 16:  What is the most selective college in the US to get into? (Answer: Harvard)

Trivia Question # 17: What is the most popular major studied in US colleges? (Answer: Business and Management)

Trivia Question # 18: Worldwide, what is the most liked subject in elementary school? (Answer: Mathematics)

Trivia Question # 19:  What is considered the most difficult year of high school? (Answer: Junior year)

Trivia Question # 20: What age do most children start school? (Answer: Age five)

Trivia Question # 21: In what month do students in Japan go back to school? (Answer: April)

Trivia Question # 22: What percentage of students in the US wear school uniforms? (Answer: 20%)

Trivia Question # 23: What is the largest college in the US? (Answer: University of Central Florida)

Trivia Question # 24: What state has the highest number of college students? (Answer: California)

Trivia Question # 25: What is the average number of students in a classroom in the United States? (Answer: 21)

Trivia Question # 26:  According to surveys, what are elementary school students most worried about regarding starting school? (Answer: Homework)

Trivia Question # 27: What percent of published schools in the US have internet access? (Answer: 100%)

Trivia Question # 28: In what country did the tradition of giving apples to teachers originate?  (Answer: Denmark)

Trivia Question # 29:  What country has school six days a week? (Answer: Israel)

Trivia Question # 30: What percentage of school-age children report that they enjoy school? (Answer: 66.7%)

Trivia Question # 31: In what country is the largest school in the world located? (Answer: India)

Trivia Question # 32: When do students in the Netherlands start school? (Answer: On their fourth birthday)

Trivia Question # 33: What country has the shortest school year, at 36 weeks? (Answer: France)

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We hope you enjoyed this back-to-school trivia and learning about the experiences of students all over the world! These questions are perfect for starting up classroom conversations or for icebreakers during the first week of school. As we head back to school this season, let's remember to appreciate the education we receive and the opportunities it affords us.

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